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Our Constituency

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Earley and Woodley Constituency includes over 70,000 voters across south Reading, Sonning, Shinfield, Earley, and Woodley. 

Following fantastic results at this year's local elections, Labour is now the biggest party across the 9 wards that make up our new constituency - only we can beat the Conservatives in Earley and Woodley.

It is clear that residents want a fresh start for Earley and Woodley constituency, and are ready to put their trust in our changed Labour Party to make it happen.


"Traditionally I vote Conservative. But after scandal after scandal, our rivers being poisoned, potholes in the road. I think we need change, so I’m voting Labour in the general election."

Matthew Wells

Tradesman in Woodley

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"The NHS requires radical change, modernisation and long-term planning. Both locally and nationally Labour will rise to this challenge to make it a service that provides the medical and social care patients should expect and staff are valued and supported. Labour have an excellent candidate in Yuan Yang, she has many of the skills required both to serve as our local MP and contribute to national issues."

Ian Kemp

GP in Reading

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"I'm a youth worker and I've lived in Earley for almost 30 years now. Every day, I see young people struggling with mental health. Labour will put early-stage intervention into every school, and that’s something I’m really excited to see. I believe a Labour government will bring answers that we haven’t had for the past 14 years, and that’s why I'll be voting Labour in Earley and Woodley this year."

Chris Doughty

Youth Worker in Earley


"It’s so obvious to me that people are desperate for a bold new vision for themselves and their families. It’s a vision for a fairer society with strong public services built on the opportunities that come from the green transition. Yuan has already achieved remarkable things through her intellect and hard work."

Andrew Charlton-Perez

Earley resident and former Chair of Governors of Radstock Primary School


“In this new constituency, the demand for groundbreaking leadership is paramount. Yuan's intellect and intuition extend far beyond the realm of national and international affairs, revealing a profound and nuanced grasp of local concerns. Moreover, Yuan's aptitude for introducing fresh, innovative ideas to the table is precisely what we require to tackle the multitude of issues that confront us today. Her unique blend of knowledge and creativity makes her an exceptional choice to represent our interests in Parliament.”

Tahir Naqash

Earley resident and Labour Party member


National endorsements

"I first met Yuan when she was an economics student and her sharp mind and clear convictions inspired me. Over the past decade I've seen her go on to inspire a generation of young economists worldwide through setting up the Rethinking Economics campaign. I have huge confidence in her ability to win campaigns, and to stand for a greener future."

Kate Raworth

Author of Doughnut Economics


"Yuan  is a gifted economist with extensive knowledge of global economic and financial systems, but also deeply committed to social justice in Britain and across the world. We need people like Yuan in parliament."

Lord Adair Turner

Former chair of the UK Committee on Climate Change

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