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Meet Yuan

I’m Yuan, your Labour parliamentary candidate. I live in Earley with my family, and I will stay rooted here if elected as your MP.


My parents came to the UK when I was four years old with very little. I started primary school not knowing how to speak English - but I got a great education and went on to attend a brilliant university. We eventually settled in Earley and built our lives here.


I’m a local activist with a national platform, as a journalist and seasoned campaigner. I founded an education charity, called Rethinking Economics, that’s trained and mobilised thousands of activists. Now, ten years on, the charity is serving students in over a hundred universities around the world.

I’m an economist, who went to university during the financial crisis, and started work during the recession. That’s why I’m so passionate about economic justice: I see the pointless damage the Tories have done through fourteen years of austerity, and I’m determined to change things.


Now, when our country is at a breaking point, is when we most need a vision for a better future, with an economy that serves people and the planet. I’m dedicated to delivering that vision.

I’ll deliver a fresh start for our new constituency of Earley, Woodley, south Reading, and Shinfield.

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