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Personal Pledges

Staying Local

A Local MP: I will continue living in our constituency so that I can always be in touch with your needs.

Accountable to You: As a former journalist, I’m committed to transparency and accountability. I will make myself available to answer your questions through email, phone calls and regular open surgeries.

On Your Side

Supporting You: I will open an office here in the constituency to welcome anyone who needs our support.

Fighting for You in Parliament: I will campaign on the issues that matter to you most – such as improving education, reducing waiting lists and getting our economy working again.


I will be a full-time representative and not take any second jobs, in order to concentrate on fighting for you.


My Policy Pledges


Build a New Royal Berks Hospital

Our NHS staff at the Royal Berkshire Hospital are working very hard to deliver care for their patients. But staff and patients alike are being let down by the out-of-date facilities and cramped conditions.


Labour will deliver a new RBH fit for the 21st century, add out-of-hours GP appointments, and tackle illnesses earlier.

Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis

The chaos of the Conservative government has led to higher energy bills, higher inflation, and higher mortgages.

As an economist, Yuan knows that Labour’s plan for the economy will deliver a fresh start, whilst restoring stability and public confidence.

Yuan Yang - Earley & Woodley Candiate (17.02.2024) - Jay Anderson Commercial Portrait Phot

Support Our Schools

Labour will recruit 6,500 more teachers in key subjects, and provide mental health support in schools to give children the best start in life.

We'll help every child feel they belong at school, with mental health counsellors in every school and breakfast clubs to take the strain off working parents.

Make Our Streets Safer

Labour will bring back neighbourhood police patrols, enforce tough penalties for offenders, and build a network of youth hubs.

Yuan Yang - Earley & Woodley Candiate (17.02.2024) - Jay Anderson Commercial Portrait Phot
Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 17.04.46.png

Build Better Infrastructure

Labour will bring in planning rules to make sure all new-builds have access to vital services like shops, schools, and GP surgeries.

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