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How we win

I’ve organised local canvassing and campaigns, and have knocked on thousands of doors across the constituency over my time as a Labour activist. I know the challenges we face and the opportunities we can seize.

Our strength is in our people

We have a far larger membership than the local Tories and Lib Dems combined. New members are joining us every month. I’ll continue to train and mobilise old and new activists alike to speak to residents and knock on doors — the most effective way of winning voters over.


Strong communication

The truth is on our side: the demographics of our new constituency mean that the Lib Dems don’t stand a chance, and early polling gives us a ten-point lead ahead of the Tories. We need to make sure local residents know this and that we win the anti-Tory vote in Wokingham Borough.

Bringing hope
back to politics

Among the 5,000 students on the University of Reading main campus, and among voters in South Reading, we have high rates of Labour support but low turnout. Many people have understandably been turned off by years of cynical politics. We need to get out the vote by showing them a different face of politics, with fresh vision and a fresh voice.


Meeting communities
where they’re at

We’re lucky to be home to strong community associations, from the Pakistani Community Centre to the Greater Reading Nepalese Community Association, from Reading Hongkongers CIC to the Whitley Community Development Association. I will work with and through these networks to amplify our message and to speak to voters where they are, to build trust and reach communities previously not spoken to by Labour.

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